Map ASAP with Ajax



Here is some short code to setup Google Maps on your site pretty fast. The map markers are grabbed through ajax using jquery from a php file. The example php provided contains an array of markets based on the ajax query. This, of course, should be changed with your own.

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Easy way to cache your not so dynamic pages with PHP


So your website has now thousands of visitors? Well, congratulations… but your system processor is probably on a huge load if you haven’t added any caching options. Here is PHP to the rescue.

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Get Litchi 360 photo sphere in Panoramio


You know you want to share your drone photography with the world. One cool way is to take 360 photographs one step further, or.. higher. An app called Litchi lets you do just that. Place your aircraft in one cool place, choose some options and there, a bunch of images that combined can become one 360 picture to be uploaded to and into Google Maps/Earth.

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